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OFSTED reports

We have been subject to OFSTED inspections for many years. We have consistently been graded as GOOD and our most recent inspection of 21st November 2023 was no exception.

Some of the key statements from this most recent report:

  •  Leaders are dedicated to providing quality care for children and families. The manager and staff work closely together to provide a balanced and sequenced curriculum.

  • All children, including those with SEND and those who speak English as an additional language, make progress from their starting points.  

  •  Staff are positive role models for children and know each child well. They are sensitive and caring towards the children and promptly attend to their needs with genuine care.

  • Children enjoy playing in the large garden area.

  • Staff teach children about different cultures. Staff support children to understand how they may be similar and different to others.

  • Staff provide children with well-resourced indoor and outdoor environments. The children confidently enjoy exploring and investigating the activities and toys on offer at the nursery.


You may view the full report and previous reports by following the link



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